Q:What is the Golden Heart Awards? (GHA)

A:The Golden Heart Awards (GHA) is annually presented by The Midnight Mission to those who have demonstrated a compassion for the disadvantaged in the Los Angeles community, and who have made a commitment to helping people transform their lives.

The group also is famous for starting and continuing to produce the annual Golden Heart Awards, held in May each year, and for its philanthropic activities.

Q:Who runs the GHA?

A: A president, vice-president, executive, and board of directors. The GHA also has full-time employees.

Q:How is the GHA funded?

A:The GHA receives donation from donors and activities such as Golden Globe Awards, Golf tournament.

Q:Apart from running the Organization, how is this money used?

A:The GHA has program that distributes money to support the Midnight Mission organization.

Q:What is Midnight Mission organization?

A: The Midnight Mission is one of the oldest continuously operating human services organizations in the Los Angeles region. The Midnight Mission runs one of the most efficient direct service operations in the country. With only four executive managers throughout its 97 years of history.

In 1933, Henry Richman was named managing director and led the organization through the depression of the 1930's. The Mission was designated "California Emergency Relief Station No.1" by the federal government. Under Richman the organization discontinued religious services and affiliation.

Q:Who are the honorary of GHA?

A: Sir Anthony Hopkins and Robert Downey Jr., Andy Garcia, Nestlé, Oscar-winner Jeff Bridges, Ed Begley Jr. and his wife Susan, comedian Larry Miller, singer Tony Galla, Debi Mazar, Tom Petty and his wife Dana, Dick Van Dyke, Richie Sambora, Fritz Coleman, Ed Begley, Jr., Garret Morris, Larry Miller, Mike Campbell of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers & the Dirty Knobs, Elliot Easton of The Cars, Jeff Lynne of the Electric Light Orchestra, Councilmember Jan Perry, AEG, The Edison and Sony Pictures Entertainment at Annual etc.

Q: What I can do for GHA?

A: We always welcome who has generosity to help time, talents, money (Tax d/501).

Q:Who can attend the GHA?

A: By invitation only. A company, a person, a corporation from any part of the globe, who involved in a program for Midnight Mission.

Q:How do I contact by e-mail the GHA?

Email: goldenheartawards@mail.com>

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